BlackPods Pro

Your favorite BlackPods simply went Pro.
✅ Available now in 3 different colours.
✅ Sound that cuts out the noise.

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Noise Cancelation

The new BlackPods Pro are compatible with iOS Apple and Android, support the reduction of outdoor sound through the latest technology, including a mode of transparency and GPS position, allowing you to enter a podcast, concentrate on a call or simply enjoy an immersive experience of your music.

Wireless Charging

Enjoy up to 4 hours of audio and uninterrupted calls with a single charge and up to 24 hours of audio thanks to the additional charges that Wireless Case offers.

One Touch Control

Have complete control over your music, with a new pressure sensor, smart sense detection, which allow you to stop or play the music in one touch, use voice commands to communicate with your personal assistant through the microphones included in the new BlackPods Pro and make this experience even more pleasant.

Stand Out

Comfort is essential for happiness, so the new BlackPods Pro, have been ergonomically designed to fit and to be comfortable for long periods of time in your ears, the silicone pads included in three sizes are soft, smooth and flexible achieving a perfect fit and a feeling of lightness that will make you think that you are not wearing headphones.

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Real Reviews

Thomas Brown
The Matte Black Airpods look is dope, they are lighter than the original but honestly can’t tell the difference. Good stuff.

Lisa Lee
I’m happy with the quality, this is the best thing to ask for. They work amazing and I love the texture, the black colour and the sound. The noise cancelation erases the background and that’s absolutely incredible. Completely satisfied!

Joana Ribeiro
For the price I ended up buying 3 units for the price of 1 unit for my boyfriend and parents.

José Martínez
5 days to get to California. I bought a pair to use at the gym and was skeptical at first but these honestly out performed by expectations. The matte finish is super nice and the audio quality is nearly the same as AirPods Pro.

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